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Teacher of IELTS

1. Job Description

• Teaching IELTS to students & working adults;
• Conducting Placement Tests in order to determine the most suitable classes for students;
• Organizing and arranging the given classes to reach the highest efficiency;
• Supporting for designing and developing teaching materials of the company;
• Evaluating students’ classwork and their performance during the courses;
• Assisting Academic manager with quality control.

2. Benefits

• Salary range: Negotiable – Very competitive;
• Competitive benefits package, annual performance-based pay raise;
• Bonus on monthly target achievement;
• Regular internal training sections;
• 2 weeks training with the academic & service teams for a better understanding of the whole industry & customers’ insight at the beginning;
• Opportunities to join BC & IDP partners’ training workshops;
• Opportunities to work with one of the best academic teams;
• Clear career path & promotion chances;
• And a great working environment to enjoy & grow.

3. Requirements

• High English Proficiency (in both written and verbal communication);
• IELTS certificate 8.0+ overall or equivalent is an advantage;
• DELTA/CELTA/ TEFL /TESOL certificate or equivalent English language teaching qualification;
• Holding at least two-year work experience in teaching IELTS;
• Own a degree in English major;
• Vietnamese teachers are preferred;
• Have experience in quality control or system management is a big advantage.

4. How to apply


About TalkFirst

TalkFirst English School is one of the most creative English Centers in Ho Chi Minh City.

With the mission of enhancing student’s English proficiency, TalkFirst promises to provide our students with a lot of rewarding experiences through a perfect studying environment with native English-speaking teachers who are carefully trained as well as greatly modernized facilities.

We hope to collaborate with potential candidates to provide excellent service for our customers.

What we have at TalkFirst:

  • Creative teaching & learning environment;
  • Small class sizes (core classes have a maximum of 6 students);
  • A modern and effective approach to language learning;
  • Comprehensive teaching materials;
  • Fun, friendly and professional colleagues;
  • Opportunities for career development and promotion.
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