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Center Sales Manager

As Center Sales Manager, you will lead the sales team at our center and provide day-to-day mentoring to the Educational Consultants (6 to 8 members) at TalkFirst. The main responsibility for the role consists of managing revenue growth while also enhancing our brand.

You will also create a work environment that encourages teamwork, commitment & success.

This will involve supervising, motivating, advising and helping a team of unique the individuals with different backgrounds along with collaborating with the Marketing & Academic department.

We do care much about our customers’ experiences & that’s why the Sales Manager will be also responsible for boosting the experiences of more than 400 active students at the center. Candidates will also have more opportunities to be the Center Director within a short period of time when we expand.

1. Key responsibilities

1.1. Sales Management

  • Propose yearly and monthly Sales plan to the Center Director & Head of SalesForce;
  • Manage the Sales team of your center and ensure the sales targets are achieved for the center;
  • Communication of the sales targets, promotions and pricing to the Sales team;
  • Run weekly sales meetings and set objectives for every sales member;
  • Monitor the timely follow-up on leads across the end-to-end sales funnel and that the sales team is compliant at updating the leads in the system in a timely manner;
  • Monitor renewals and engage with the service team to facilitate the renewal contract conversion;
  • Support sales team members with their questions on how to handle exceptions as they arise and help an individual to meet their sales objectives;
  • Report weekly sales performance;

1.2. Sales & Marketing collaboration

  • Ensure that all leads for which the sales team is responsible are entered in the system with the right form and the right source is associated with the lead;
  • Identify inefficiencies in the coordination between the marketing and the sales team with respect to the management of the leads for each media owner in the marketing team;
  • Attend the weekly customer insights meeting to identify the location marketing opportunities;

1.3. Sales & Service alignment

  • Collaborate with Service Officers to foster a strong working relationship between the Service Officers and Sales teams to deliver a consistent experience to our customers;
  • Partner with the Service teams to ensure synergies are created between sales and service;to drive internal revenues and products upselling;
  • Facilitate productive communication between Sales and Service teams;

2. Benefits

  • Competitive base salary – negotiable, based salary at least 700$ – 900$;
  • Generous sales bonuses; total income ~ 2000 $ – 2500 $;
  • Free English course at TalkFirst for long-serving staff members;
  • Being provided with training on essential skills for long-term career developments;
  • Opportunities to explore one of the most pleasant and stimulating working environments

3. Requirements

  • 4 – 5 years of sales experience;
  • Understanding of core sales principles: sales pipeline, forecasts, planning and techniques;
  • Understanding of or experience within English Language Teaching sector;
  • Background within education/service/hospitality/gym sector;
  • Professional sales qualification, or degree in Business/Marketing;
  • Good level of English and fluent in the local language;
  • Knowledge of MS office packages;
  • Service orientated;
  • Pleasant gentle voice;
  • Showing interest in education in general and foreign languages in particular;
  • Working full-time (48 hours per week);

4. How to apply


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