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Bài mẫu đề thi IELTS Writing Task 2 ngày 02.02.2023

Bài mẫu đề thi IELTS Writing Task 2 ngày 02.02.2023 với chủ đề Education – một trong những chủ đề không chỉ thường xuyên xuất hiện trong bài thi IELTS Writing mà còn rất thường xuyên xuất hiện trong cuộc sống thường ngày.

Tham khảo ngay bài mẫu sau đây không chỉ giúp bạn nâng cao kĩ năng Writing mà còn trang bị cho bạn khả năng giao tiếp tiếng Anh tốt hơn khi đề cập tới vấn đề giáo dục!

Bài mẫu đề thi IELTS Writing Task 2 ngày 02.02.2023
Bài mẫu đề thi IELTS Writing Task 2 ngày 02.02.2023

1. Đề thi IELTS Writing Task 2

While many people go to university for academic study, more people should be encouraged to do vocational training because there is a lack of qualified workers such as electricians and plumbers. Do you agree or disagree?

2. Dàn bài


  • Introduce the topic by paraphrasing the task heading: Pragmatism → preference for training for practical employment over academic education. 
  • State the writer’s opinion: Disagree.

Body paragraph 1:

  • Topic sentence: Vocational training is important in its own way.
  • Main idea 1: Focus on research, characteristic of higher education → select students with suitable orientation.
    Explanation: Thinking that everyone should get admitted to university → unexpectedly bad consequences. 
    Example: The increase in quantity but decrease in quality of American university degrees.
  • Main idea 2: A trained worker, create real values → ought to be maintained.

Body paragraph 2:

  • Topic sentence: However, we cannot encourage the disbelief in the importance of university education.
  • Main idea: University education, fundamental for the growth of a nation.
    Example 1: The basic sciences, some people think that they are impractical, while they set the foundation for further scientific and technological developments.
    Example 2: History, literature, and philosophy, some people claim that they are difficult to understand and useless, but they help humans avoid living like a machine.

Conclusion: Summarize the main points: University education → serious researchers. Vocational training → skilled workers. Both different but have important roles.

3. Sample Answer band 7.5+

Today’s society is characterized by pragmatism, as evidenced by the preference for training for practical employment over academic education. I disagree with the idea that vocational training is more valuable than a university degree, although the latter has certain significance.

Providing the workforce with the necessary knowledge and skills is unquestionably crucial and advantageous. Evidently, not everyone can study effectively in the research-focused setting characteristic of higher education. In reality, it would be harmful to presume that everyone, regardless of how talented they are, should be given an equal chance to attend college. American institutions, which have witnessed an indiscriminate increase in the quantity of university degrees, have also, ironically, suffered from an overall decrease in quality. On the other hand, a talented worker may create real values for society, which ought to be maintained.

This does not, however, imply that it is acceptable to underestimate the university degree. By contrast, ignoring higher education would seriously harm a nation’s sustainability and development. For instance, no foundation could be set for scientific and technological applications without ongoing study of and instruction in the basic sciences, which have recently been criticized as impractical. Similar to the previous example, studies of history, literature, and philosophy are sometimes castigated as obscure and futile, but without them, people would experience unimaginable mental poverty and would be no different from mindless labor machines.

In summary, while university education prepares one for serious research undertakings, vocational training trains potential skilled workers. Though the two types of education take different paths, they both play critical roles in society. 

260 words – Band 7.5+ – Written by TalkFirst

4. Một số từ vựng highlight

  • A be characterized by B [v] = B be characteristic of A [adj]: to be typical of a person, place or thing (đặc trưng).
  • Pragmatism /ˈpræɡmətɪzəm/ [n]: thinking of or dealing with problems in a practical way, rather than by using theory or abstract principles (chủ nghĩa thực dụng).
  • Significance [n]: the importance of something, especially when this has an effect on what happens in the future (tầm quan trọng).
  • Unquestionably [adv] = undoubtedly [adv]: without any doubt (chắc chắn, không nghi ngờ).
  • Crucial [adj] = critical [adj] = essential [adj]: extremely important, because it will affect other things (rất quan trọng).
  • Advantageous [adj] = beneficial [adj]: good or useful in a particular situation (ích lợi).
  • Setting [n]: an environment where something is located; the place at which something happens (môi trường, bối cảnh).
  • Indiscriminate [adj]: an indiscriminate action is done without thought about what the result may be, especially when it causes people to be harmed (vô tội vạ).
  • Ironically [adv]: in a way that shows that you really mean the opposite of what you are saying; in a way that expresses irony (trớ trêu thay).
  • Imply [v]: to suggest that something is true or that you feel or think something, without saying so directly (hàm ý).
  • Underestimate [v]: to not realize how good, strong, determined, difficult, etc. somebody/something really is (xem nhẹ).
  • Sustainability [n]: the ability to continue or be continued for a long time (sự bền vững).
  • Castigate [v] = criticize [v] = judge [v]: to criticize somebody/something/yourself severely (lên án). 
  • Obscure [adj]: difficult to understand (mơ hồ).
  • Futile [adj] = pointless [adj]: having no purpose because there is no chance of success (vô ích).
  • Unimaginable [adj]: impossible to think of or to believe exists; impossible to imagine (không thể tưởng tượng được).
  • Undertaking [countable, n]: a task or project, especially one that is important and/or difficult (nhiệm vụ).
  • Potential [adj]: that can develop into something or be developed in the future (tiềm năng).
  • Các cách paraphrase university educationvocational training:
    1. University education → academic education, higher education, university degree.
    2. Vocational training → training for practical employment.

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