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[Sample Answer] Đề thi IELTS Speaking Part 3 tại IDP ngày 02/02/2021

Xin gửi đến bạn đọc Sample Answer Đề thi IELTS Speaking Part 3 tại IDP ngày 02/02/2021, được biên soạn bởi đội ngũ chuyên gia học thuật tại Anh ngữ TalkFirst.

Ngoài ra, bạn có thể tham khảo toàn bộ đề thi chính thức IELTS Speaking 2021 và bài mẫu chi tiết qua bài viết sau: Tổng hợp đề thi và mẫu câu trả lời IELTS Speaking real test tại BC & IDP năm 2021!

1. What is a common ambition of young students in your country?

  • Young students have different ambitions based on their favoritism. In other words, I would say there isn’t a particular common ambition among young students in Vietnam. A large group of students dream of full scholarships to a developed country so that they can enjoy the prime education there, while another only daydream about having loads of followers and likes on their social media. Hence, it’s not that easy to say which specific ambition or dream is on trend to young students now.

2. Do you think it’s hard to achieve that ambition?

  • It really depends on many factors. First, there are elements of diligence and determination. To elaborate, you need to have the fuel to maintain your fire of passion during preparing for it. Otherwise, you will burn up by the end of the process. In addition, it really depends on how good you are, as opposed to the benchmarks of standards of the goal you’re aiming at. To put it another way, you need to evaluate yourself based on realistic assessment so that you can plan your way up there.

3. What do you think parents should do to help children get their ambition?

  • I think parents can play different roles in assisting their children to achieve their goals. To begin with, parents can be the constant and immediate source of mental support for their children by offering words of encouragement. By doing this, their sons and daughters will not feel alone in this noble path. Also, it takes not only patience, but also financial subsidy, which can be an obstacle for those struggling with their basic needs. Despite having heard and seen news about people of miserable upbringing and living conditions, who ended up obtaining their goal, it somewhat takes the pressure away for them if their parents can provide that comfort.

4. What kind of ambition do people have at work?

  • In my opinion, people usually set their goals to climb up the career ladder when they are working in an organization or company. When you are working, at a certain point of time, you’ll think about taking higher responsibilities so that you will be more valuable to the company, which will benefit you in the long run. For example, after 1 year, you should be considered to be promoted from an office junior to senior. Besides, having a better salary is also a common achievement to attain. Ultimately, your income is one of the most paramount aspects when you consider taking a job. Therefore, the higher your salary is, the longer you stay in your job.

5. Should employers arrange ambitious people in the same team?

  • I would go as far as to say that sometimes this idea may work, but other times it may be one of the worst decisions to make. For the former circumstance, many ambitious people can promote the “teamwork makes the dream work” spirit if they happen to be like-minded. In other words, in order to drive the team forward in one direction, team members need to be unanimous, so that they will not have to spark unnecessary clashes of opinions or leave any space for personal hard feelings. About the latter scenario, too many ambitious people in one team will tear the team apart because no one would agree to carry out anyone’s ideas except their own and any project will be stuck in the discussion stage because there are too many ideas to consider. Therefore, as an employer, this person should have the vision to allocate his manpower correctly so that the team can reach their best capability possible.

Trên đây là Sample Answer Đề thi IELTS Speaking Part 3 cho đề thi IELTS ngày 02/02/2021 tại IDP được biên soạn chi tiết bởi đội ngũ chuyên gia học thuật tại TalkFirst. Hy vọng bài viết trên hữu ích đối với bạn. Hãy đọc thêm các tài liệu về luyện thi IELTS và đề thi IELTS tại TalkFirst để chuẩn bị thật sẵn sàng cho kỳ thi IELTS, chúc bạn học tập tốt!

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